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UniLogic Programming Software

Now compatible with SQL

SMARTER Development

The new Unistream PLC from Unitronics uses up to the minute hardware to provide a cost effective stylish solution to your latest control system needs.  To maximise the benefits of the Unistream hardware we have brand new Unilogic programming software that lets you develop your program in a smarter way saving you money on your programming costs.  With the look and feel of a modern day development suite Unilogic makes the programmer feel at home with a familiar style to the menu structure adopted by most of the Windows™ software providers.

The FULL programming software is extremely versatile, included with every purchase of a Unitronics PLC and can be Downloaded Here

Unitronics programming software Unilogic

Unilogic keeps developments costs to a minimum by allowing you to work in a smarter way. It is easy to write reusable code, user defined function blocks and tag addressing help with repetitive operations. The software will predict where you want that next element to be, reducing the number of clicks needed to position code.  No longer will you run out of 16 bit registers as operand memory is only allocated when and where it is needed.

  • Reusable code
  • User defined function blocks
  • Tag based addressing
  • User defined variable structures
  • Ethernet IP

Unilogic Communications

PLC communications and communication protocols are now configured via the project navigator and do not require any ladder code, keeping your code free for machine control. CANbus and Ethernet IP are supported as physical layers with Modbus also available allowing easy communication to a wide variety of equipment.

Unilogic HMI screens

Unilogic not only has snap to grid but also vertical and horizontal alignment tools to make producing eye catching screens so much easier. Unistream has great resolution (800 x 480 on the 7" screen) and can rotate images and objects on the screen through 360', giving a very high degree of flexibility to the developer.

Unilogic HMI Programming screenshot

Download the current version of the UniLogic programming software. Clicking the UniLogic icon will start Download direct from Unitronics website. (Large File)
Unilogic software Direct Download

Previous versions of the UniLogic Programming Software may be found here

UniLogic previous

Need Help with Programming UniLogic?

If you have a specific query then feel free to contact us via phone or E-mail. There is also a UniLogic Help file available here covering many UniLogic functions.

Unitronics E-Learning
There is also a comprehensive set of Unitronics Webinars available here covering many UniLogic functions.

Unitronics E-Learning